Day One – 21 Day Fix

day one

Today starts me back at day one of 21 days of focusing on the 21 day fix program.

I had to weigh in this morning and it was so bad even the scale didn’t want to record the number. No seriously. When I snapped the photo there WAS NO NUMBER!

I have gained back a whopping 25 pounds since I lost it all back in 2008. I guess that is a good thing. I had a long run before my body said “hold up, wait a minute” we are changing things here.

I don’t like this feeling and I don’t want to keep it. It is the most frustrating thing to know that you are not pigging out but cannot make any headway in the weight management game.


Today was fairly successful by all judgement accounts.

  • Breakfast: Chocolate/Vanilla Shakeology, 8 oz light almond milk, PB, spinach and a banana
  • I skipped morning snack because my breakfast was later than usual.
  • Lunch: Half chicken tortilla wrap, Black bean & steak soup
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, asparagus, Half sweet potato.
  • Snack: Peanuts in orange container

I still have to complete my workout for the night and I am done for the day.

My short term goal is to make it each day without too much failure.

My long term goal is to see the shift in weight to where my cloths fit properly and the scale is not afraid to show my number.

Until tomorrow…

Have a great night!



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