Meal Planning – back at it for good.


It’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted any sort of meal plan.

I didn’t plan to stay away this long but recent events in my life have brought me back to what worked for so many years. I strayed. I like what I found but I also love what I had.

So we are going back to the beginning.  Back to the basics. Back to what had my mind and body happy. Meal planning and staying on target. I cannot exercise for 2 weeks so this is more important than ever to be on point. My week will look something like this….

Monday: Grilled Chicken, Best Brussels sprouts ever, baked potato, side salad

Tuesday: TACO TUESDAY 🙂 ground beef corn tacos of course

Wednesday: Mini meatloaf, mashed potatoes (homemade), roasted brocoli

Thursday: I have a late class so they are OTO (on their own) with leftovers

Friday: Grilled shrimp kebab and rice pilaf

Saturday: Frito Pie  – low fat and yay to cooler weather!


I really hope to keep this habit going again. It helped me so much in the past and always kept me organized. I think I made things too complicated with complicated meals. Easy is always best.

I know it is Tuesday but yesterday was blog moving day – yay!! So far I am loving wordpress and the new layout. Maybe many new things to come in the future.

Have a great week guys!



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