Current favorite food log/fitness apps

I am an app hoarder, I will admit it. (that’s the first step right?) I see a new app, I can’t help it. I go into full download mode. Even if there is a chance that I will not open that app again, I struggle with deleting it. But when I find a good one, one that I like and does everything I need, I keep it around and it moves to my favorites page. Here is a run down of a few of my favorite fitness apps that have made it to my home page.

1.  Pts. Plus Diary

  pts plus diary apppts plus inside

This is by far the one I use the most. It is very similar to the way I counted points when I originally participated in the weight loss study. Even though I know point values without needing to look them up, this is a new electronic way for me to keep up with how many points I’ve used for the week. There is an option for daily points too but since I never learned that system, I couldn’t tell you how to use it. I only use the bonus points section and the workout log section.

2.  My fitness pal

myfitnesspal my fit pal inside

I see so many people use this app that I had to download it just to see what it could offer me. I eventually became a fan and now I use it almost daily (unless I forget) to log what I eat. My favorite part of this app is to add my own personal recipes to it so I can see the nutritional information of that recipe and calculate points for it. I also like to see how many calories I am eating daily and my percentage of certain nutrients I am getting daily.

3.  C25K free

c25kfree c25k inside

About two years ago, I think, I wanted to try my hand in running. I would read blogs of women finding this thing called a runners “high” and it caught my attention. I signed up for our local Susan B Komen Race for the Cure, which is very dear to my heart, having cancer survivors in my family, some here and some gone. I needed a program to get me started so I came across this app and it worked beautifully. I have bad knees so it allowed me to gradually work up to running a 5k successfully. I’ve ran in several since my first one. My next challenge is a half marathon…… but lets finish school first 🙂

4. RockMyRun – hands down my favorite!

rock my run image

This is my favorite app to work out to even if I am not running. The DJ’s mixes kill any work out! It tells you bpm per mix and there are several different varieties of music, styles and times. So whatever you need to get you going, this app has it! Oh and I won a summer prize pack from them a few months ago too, so that just solidified my love for the even more!

I was not paid to give a review on any of theses apps, this is just my wonderful opinion. Whether there is anyone out there reading or not, I wanted to share what I’ve found to be affective and helpful. There are tons of fitness apps out there. Explore a few, read the reviews and find the ones that will be the most helpful for you in your fitness journey. Smart phones have taken over everything so why not use them to your advantage. You can pretty much do everything you used to do on paper, on your smart phone. Even if you don’t have a handy dandy smart phone, most of the apps have websites you can also use on your home computer.

Enjoy your day guys!


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