Weekly regimen…


Here it is. I’m laying it all out for ya, my plan for working out this week and pretty much the next several weeks in the future.

I work out in the evening. I already get up to dang early so I don’t want to set myself up for another level of failure. If I’m home and I sit, I can easily think, Get up Sara – you could couch potato (I honestly never get to do this but for sayings sake) for 30 minutes or get in a work out.

I like running. My knees don’t, but I do. I hear a good shoe will do a body good so until I can get a pair of those, my knees will hurt….when I run.

I don’t run everyday, only 3 days a week and right now only 3 miles. So I will log it, update it, and share it – with you.

I am held captive by my own schedule at times and because of this I limit my workouts to around 30 minutes. After careful (meaning I googled highest rated 30 minute workout – big stuff here) review, I decided on Gillian Michaels – Ripped in 30. Not that I will be ripped in 30 (maybe) but it is a powerful workout in 30 minutes.

She yells at me.

I’m done and can move on to the next item of business. 

So here it is – what I’ve done this week so far and how I plan on wrapping it up.

Sunday – Rest day

Monday – Ran

Tuesday – Ripped in 30

Wednesday – (honestly planned on running) – One of those life gets in the way days

Thursday – Ripped in 30

Friday – Run

Saturday – Ripped in 30

What I really, really want is T25 by beachbody. I hear this is awesome. Anyone out there use this? What are your thoughts?

I have two friends that have and they both love it. Neither live here or I’d be on it!

As some say  – Git ‘er done!


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