We fall off…..


It seems lately that I’m falling off more than I’m jumping on – the wagon that is. My mind has been in a strange place lately. One day I am on top and then before you know it I am right back smack down on the hard tiled floor.

I am scrambling. I am not a scrambler. I am a planner. I work best with a well thought out, organized, pre-determined plan. Sure I take into account the unexpected, while I am willing the forces of nature to never let that be an actual possibility. I am a planner. I am an organizer. I am a go getter. I fight with fierce compassion to the very end. When I run out of steam, I have an internal generator that keeps me going.

I’m not quiet sure how my days became so gelled together over the past 3….4….5 months but they did. I walked in a haze sometimes blissfully unaware that I was out of sync with my natural state as a planner. If you’ve hung around during my state of unawareness, I say thank you. Thank you for not deserting me. Thank you for still reading my little place in cyberspace.

With a new light comes a new direction. I do have new things for the future that I am really excited about and I hope to get going soon, some things involve that great husband of mine so that takes time (whole other topic), so while I still plan on passing along great recipes of yumminess and great tips and ideas that I think you might like, I am going to start to use my blog to keep me accountable. I need this. I am a planner, if I plan I will succeed. Along with weekly meal plans, I am going to lay out my weekly workout plan too. Of course life happens but if I have a place to keep me accountable I will work hard to not fail.


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