Publix Trip for the week

This week I didn’t get to head to Publix until last night. I will say again that I am at a huge stockpile stage so I rarely need a lot of groceries. It has become a weekly challenge to get my bill large enough to make me get up and go to the store. Since I know the fundamentals on saving money its not really worth my time if I can’t save 60% or more when I shop.

I did very very well this week. I replaced some meats and bought a few more hot dogs than I expected but they were FREE and I can cook them and give them away to the kids in the neighborhood.

The guys were excited to see the Oreo’s but my thighs were crying out for help….help!

I will refrain from eating the whole package! I will refrain from eating the whole package!

Not as large as previous trips but the bill told a different story.

My total was $10.69 and I saved $111 (One hundred Eleven dollars).

I have pork chops, skinless thighs, and lean ground beef.

Deli ham and turkey meat, turkey and premium hot dogs.

Cheese, red peppers and tomatoes

Personal hygiene, cleaning supplies and more!

If you are interested in learning more about living a healthy lifestyle on a budget I’m here to help.


3 thoughts on “Publix Trip for the week

  1. Sara says:

    I save a lot of coupons and am finally at a point where I mainly stock pile which allows me tons of overage to go towards things I need 🙂

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