Love Love Love

By my title I’m sure that you can gather that I have love for what I am about to display!

These past few weeks at my home front have been completely off schedule.

I live by schedules.

I can’t function very well without them.

So you can imagine how my mind is at the moment ~ frazzled!

I didn’t cook a lot this week either and I still cannot figure out why?

I did enjoy dinner at one of my ffff~ ffff~ favorite places


I could eat here at least once a week! I love this place for many reason.

1. They have the best rice!

2. Their food is very fresh and natural.

3. I get as little or as much as I want.

4. The have the best rice!

When it comes to going out for lunch there aren’t too many choices that don’t include grease, fat and more grease.

So I go here and get:

1/2 cup of Rice ~ 3pts

chicken ~ Free

Black Beans ~ Free

Mild Salsa ~ Free (double scoop btw)

Maybe a Tbs of sour cream and cheese if I’m feeling lucky! (Which I give about 2pts for both)

burrito bowl

You can see why I love this place.

I get a great tasting meal without feeling like I can’t eat dinner.

*Chipotle is not paying me to say this, I just really love their food! And I think we all need options right?


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