Monday ~ Weekly Menu


I had such an off week last week. I had three days where we ended up going out for dinner instead of cooking at home. I’m not complaining or anything believe me but it just kinda threw me off.

Threw me off on my points

Threw me off on groceries

Threw me off on sleeping….lol …. not really but you get the idea!

Anyway, this week started off on a weird note too. We ate dinner out last night and I will save you the details of my melt down but the guys are probably glad we did because I’m not sure if we would’ve ended up with sour cream burgers or chicken cheese cake! HA!

My plan for the week is this:

Sunday ~ Dinner out

Monday ~ Jerk Chicken Pasta ~ 5pts

Tuesday ~ Dinner out (I have to work late so everyone is on their own!)

Wednesday ~ Taco night ~ 2pts

Thursday ~ Savory Herb Chicken with Onion Roasted Red potatoes ~ 0pts

Friday ~ Pizza Night

Saturday ~ Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Veggies ~ 0pts

Everyone have an awesome week! I’ma gonna try to!!


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