Each day the quietness sets in…..

First off, the election is over! Yay! and NO "R" words (recounts).  This part I am truly thankful for. It has been a long year with everything going on. Finally I can get back on track with eating healthy and staying focused on my life goals.

On a sad note though, the wonderful people that used to fill our office with laughter, tears and food are all gone. Friday was their last day and it was an emotional roller coaster. The best group so far we have ever had in our department has departed. Walking in Monday morning was strange. There was no buzz of gossip, no invites to donuts and no coffee brewing in the back of the office. Today was even more somber. The reality of them being gone has set in. Some of them, I’m sure, will be back from time to time and even a few of them will return for 2012. For now though its just quiet, slow days at the office.

I intend to dive back into blogging (call me crazy~~I like sharing random facts of the day lol) and back into eating healthy and living frugally on a very very tight budget for the next few months.

I will start back up with dinner picture postings and random sightings and trip extravaganzas and savings. Until then though, have a happy week and enjoy the rest of your day!!!


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