~~Biweekly Menu~~


If your just starting out reading my blog you will soon discover that I menu plan for 2 weeks at a time. Its an old habit that I started way back before I started couponing. This is what I “plan” on cooking for the next two weeks!

Sunday – Crockpot Pulled pork and coleslaw sandwiches

Monday – Leftovers and freeze whatever is left

Tuesday – Buffalo Chicken pizza (there are two recipes in the link but I’ve only made this one)

Wednesday – Chicken and rice tacos

Thursday – Upside Down pizza loaf (I will add this one when I make it)

Friday – Breakfast for dinner! Chicken and waffles with hash browns

Saturday – Bacon, onion and cheese stuffed burgers on the grill – YUM

Sunday – Ground Beef enchiladas, Santa Fe rice, and refried beans

Monday – Leftovers

Tuesday – Foil pack Bruschetta Bake (that I didn’t make last week) and Zucchini cakes

Wednesday – Southwestern Chicken and Roasted smashed potatoes

Thursday – Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas

Friday – Crockpot tacos (I will add this recipe once I cook it)

Saturday – Grilled hotdogs or Dumplings (my son has been asking and asking for these??)


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