The Seven Dwarfs – Which one are you today?

Today I am Grumpy! Grumpy because my alarm didn’t go off, grumpy because I had to rush to get out of the house on time, grumpy because I had no coffee or breakfast! I practically growled at the ever so chipper people in my office this morning and for that I am truly sorry :~(

Because I was late, I ended up just throwing random food items in my bag. When I got to work, I ended up with 100 calorie snack pack, a banana, a package of pop tarts (not sure why I grabbed this), a slice of bread and a bag of chips??? I was stuck wondering what the heck am I going to eat for breakfast. When I got to work I discovered ONE package of sugar free hot cocoa mix in my drawer~~ life savior! I had my cup of hot cocoa and my banana. Its not the most nutritional meal but at least I didn’t give in to the pop tarts that would’ve cost me 12 points!!

Now I just have to make it through the rest of the day and I will be okay.


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